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Welcome to my home page. Here you will find easy access to some of my recent writings and talks on issues relating to investment and economics.  



Tan Kee Wee


Most of you accessing this page have probably been directed here by me or people known to me. For everyone else, here is a summary. 


I am an economist focusing on the world of investments and wealth management. This means that besides writing for the various media on these issues, I also offer investment advisory services to individuals and companies.  


Before establishing my advisory service, I spent some time at the Institute of Policy Studies in Singapore working for the 2006 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings held in Singapore.    


Prior to that, I had spent some 20 years in the finance industry as an economist, analyzing and forecasting the capital markets. In the main, I cover the major currencies, stocks, properties and bonds.  


My first job immediately after securing my PhD from the University of East Anglia in Britain in 1987 was as a journalist with the Singapore financial daily newspaper “ Business Times”.  


It was a great experience interviewing the newsmakers. But soon after, I moved out of the media and worked for various financial institutions as an economist.  


Despite spending most of my career in the investment world, I have kept in touch with the university. In 1999-2001, I was appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics at the National University of Singapore, teaching the Portfolio Management module.    




About Money Talks 


In July 2007, I began a weekly radio programme with MediaCorp Radio’s 938LIVE.  In these weekly programmes, which would normally run from July right through to the end of October, I would offer my views on the latest developments in the world of investments and economics.  


In these weekly programmes, I have also tried to remove all the economic jargon and simplified the issues for the radio listener. But read the transcripts of the radio programmes and judge for yourself.